Embracing Wabi-Sabi

While there is a part of us that plumps for maximalism, glamour, and opulent elegance, there’s also a part that resides in us which beats for minimalism, hygge (Scandinavian lifestyle concept of cozy living), and pared-down appeal. We make for an interesting dichotomy, don’t we?

So where are we heading to with this? Well, it’s about this new trend that’s making a splash in the interior realm right now. The said trend is wabi-sabi. It’s a wonderful philosophy that’s percolating into minds and homes and is redefining the meaning of beauty in a world that is obsessed with perfection.

As if like a perfect tenon to its mortise, our UME collection fits snugly with the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi. The latest addition to our repertoire of sittings groups, UME, is designed to pay homage to a philosophy that believes that beauty can be coaxed out of that which is subtle, inconspicuous, and tentative.


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